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Lora KOENHEMSI ,Turkey

In birds with hepatic disorders, clinical signs are usually unspesific. Therefore, it is essential to perform further investigations for diagnosis. Ultrasonography (US) is a non-invasive, painless and relatively easy to perform method both in humans and animals. Ultrasonography uses the transmission and reflection of soundwaves to produce an image. Organ visualization in the avian patient is limited when compared to mammalian species, as the ultrasound waves cannot penetrate the gas-filled air sac system. Thirteen adult and seven young Yellow-legged Gulls from were included to the study. Gulls were not receiving any medicine at the time of the ultrasonography. Birds were not sedated for US examination. US was performed with a SIUI Apogee 3500V doppler ultrasound machine. Alcohol and an acustic gel was applied to the skin. US performed with the birds in dorsal recumbency. All US examinations were performed by the same person.Normal place of the liver was detected in the Yellow-legged Gulls and normal appearence was noted. No abnormal areas was detected in the liver. Further studies are warrant for better understanding the usage and normal ultrasonografic views in different kind ofbirds

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