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Tatjana Kokaj

This project is part study: identification, collection and conservation of wild genetic resources in orchards. The aim of the study is finding suitable for caprification genotype, the recorded, evaluated and described. They were taken part in the study population in the different caprifig in three areas of the country, in the northwest, central and southwest the country. In these areas about every 50-60 m finded genotype of wild fig. Plants are vigorous, with dense crown, leaves with two lobes around 20-25% of the leaf and 5 lobes about 50-55% of the leaf. Are bundled leaf leaves base. Dominance of leaves with 3, 5 and more lob. Fruit with different form such is: aspheric, pyriform, oblate, oval, etc. Found the genotype with different color fruit. Fruits in the period of April-May - June are dark green in color, annealing occurs in 1-25 June, with oblate shape to pyriform, 5x4.5 cm dimensions and weight 90-120 gr. Color fruit varion from cream to purple color, interior color is green and purple stained blown. Those fruit are dont edible but we can founded some wild fig with size fruit, white color, black color, and violet color, which can eat, but dont have taste of cultivate fig. From investigate we have finded a reach germplasm with populate more forms; every wild tree is personal individual. Except morphological characteristics on the totally, She has especially characteristics on form and size of leaves for each genotype. From individual investigated, has big sicon genotype (4 x5.5 cm), and small (2.5x3.5cm), has there with more flower galikole about 800-1200, and other 300-400 galikol flower. Big sycon has a lot of galikole which down star in ostiol channel. Report of male flower with galicole flower is 1: 4. Value of caprific depends from quantitative and qualitative of sycon production. We have study which varieties have need for pollination, if this doesnt happen, flowers taken down and not mature, for example: Perdhikul, Kraps, Bajun, etc. We have analyzed with statistical method at all indexes

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